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Enjoy the health benefits of the Dolomites' thermal springs

Alloch thermal water

Discover its extraordinary therapeutic properties

We at Terme Antico Bagno Hotel have created a unique wellness area thanks to the Alloch thermal water. Regenerate your body and mind with our therapeutic and wellness treatments and sensory experiences. Years of research, a scientific committee with specialised doctors and the only sulphur spring in Trentino are the secret of our curative and beneficial elixir.

We are also affiliated with the National Health System.

Extraordinary water

Alloch water’s properties have been known since 1493. Locals call the sulphurous thermal water flowing from the Dolomites ““Bang da tof”. This water has unique therapeutic properties proven by clinical studies and those who have experienced them over the years.

Classic therapeutic sessions

Research revolving around thermal water has never stopped. Today, we can even say that medical and scientific studies have enhanced Alloch water’s beneficial effects. At the Terme Antico Bagno Hotel, you can choose among a wide range of spa treatments, such as hydroponics, aerosol therapy, whirlpool bath therapy, thermal cave, vascular massage therapy, water massage beds, mud therapy, or rehab therapies like tecar therapy, iontophoresis, and ultrasound.

The ultimate wellness treatments

Wellness is when you take care of your body. Our treatments are designed to boost your energy, make you recover from stress and balance your body and mind. We’ve integrated Alloch water into our sensory and wellness experiences to help you reach a profound level of balance and vigour. Enjoy our relaxing and therapeutic massages, spa treatments with purifying clays, and other innovative treatments with the latest cosmetic advancements.